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The advantages of a flexible player in the consumer packaging market, supported by the strength of a globally active group that knows its way in the world of packaging.

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Why we do what we do!

Creating perception, that's what we stand for. Giving your products exactly the look they deserve. Persuading and enticing consumers with attractive packaging that helps ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd. Day after day, we want to demonstrate that appearance and go hand in hand in a sustainable way.

We simply strive for the ideal packaging that leaves no room for concessions, whatever the challenge, with an eye for sustainability. Packaging that deserves to be showcased!

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The working method of a family business on a global scale

Fast, flexible and customised: these are just three key terms that typify our approach and service. The working method of a family business on a global scale. A company that wants to grow with you, that stays close and really listens to your issues and needs in order to translate them into creative packaging solutions. As a specialist, we keep our finger on the pulse, think with you and not for you, and add value to your product. Irrespective of the sector or your business. Our team of experts are quick to be on the same wavelength and provide you with the appropriate packaging. Time and again!

At home in sustainable packaging

Our global presence and structure enables us to scale up quickly, be agile in responding to your needs and deliver on time, even if it's only for small order quantities. Local when possible, global when needed. With due consideration for sustainability, the environment and corporate social responsibility. Minimum impact with maximum result, that's what we aim for. Because we care!

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Think locally, act globally

As part of the VPK Packaging Group - a fast-growing group that operates globally in paper and cardboard packaging - we are the market leader in spiral wound tubes, cores and edge protectors for industrial applications. With growth embedded in our DNA, we now have more than 1,300 staff worldwide, spread over more than 30 companies in more than 10 countries.

For some years now, we have also diversified our operation to cover the consumer packaging market. Safety, reusability, sealability and personalisation course through our veins. From round and brown to personalised and eye-catching. From anonymous, functional and protective to attractive and communicative. We are your reliable partner in terms of quality.

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