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From round and brown to personalised eye-catcher. Turning anonymous, functional and protective cardboard tubes into productive and communicative packaging. As a manufacturer of tubular cardboard packaging, our main focus is to maximise your brand recognition. Together, we develop the perfect packaging!

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Our core values

We innovate and produce tailor-made tube packaging specifically for your business. Our craftsmanship results in long-term value creation. By working closely with you, we offer solutions that meet all your needs and wishes.

  1. Multiple closure options provide the desired finish
  2. We insert the right inner lining for your product
  3. A personalised label for optimum support of your brand

Multiple closure options provide the desired finish1

We insert the right inner lining for your product2

A personalised label for optimum support of your brand3

lid body outer inside

Why choose cardboard tubes?

Our cardboard tubes aren't just durable, they also give your brand a professional appeal and offer numerous unique product features. They are the perfect choice for use as airtight packaging, for instance, thus preserving aromas and flavours and preventing waste. In short, your product is guaranteed a long shelf life. Choose a closure that suits your exact needs, for example the easy peel or the recessed membrane closure for ultimate freshness. But you also have many other options in paper, plastic or metal. So put us to the test and let us help you find the right packaging solution.

You can also come to us for a wide range of printing options, variable lengths and diameters. All distinctive features that keep our tubes top of mind with your customers.

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